The Trial Daniel Never Had

The Trial of the Century was a trial Daniel Daverne never had. In spite of being exonerated, his name remains in the book of misdemeanors and all his lands (consisting of about 800 acres) were given away. In this trial, both sides of the Daniel Daverne story are revealed. It is left up to you - the viewer - to decide. Almost 200 years after Daniel Daverne was accused, you can decide on the guilt or innocence of Daniel Joseph Daverne.

Clark Theobald, a museum volunteer, whose research formed the basis for this trial,  decided on a mock trial for Daniel as the best way to reveal all his new research on the subject. 

The prosecution would use information available in known history, and the defence would use Clark’s latest research to defend Daniel. 

An overflow crowd came to the Perth Town Hall to see this new information and act as jury. Now it is your turn.

Attend a screening or buy and watch the Documentary, explore this site and all the supplemental information - then decide and go to “Cast Your Vote”.  Also go to the Daniel Daverne Facebook Page to share information with others.

Note: Videos will be added for each witness over time.  I have over 4 hours of VHS and DV source that have to be processed for all the witnesses.  This is my chance for an “Alfred Hitchcock moment ;-)

The Accused - Daniel Daverne

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The Prosecution
The prosecution case is based entirely upon the historical record known prior to this trial.  Prosecution Witnesses are:

Sgt. Jones - 89th Regiment
John Crampton- Irish Settler in Perth
Abbe Pierre de la Motte - chaplain, late of the Swiss de Watteville Regiment
Lt. Roderick Matheson - former Quartermaster and Paymaster of the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles
Robert Gourlay - political agitator
Col Francis Cockburn - deputy QMG at Kingston
Rev. William Bell - minister to the Perth Military Settlement
The Defence
The defence case is based entirely upon the new record uncovered, starting with the discovery of the Daverne journal.  Defence witnesses are:

Widow McKion
Col.Myers - deputy QMG based at Kingston
Capt. George Fowler - Superintendent - Perth military settlement
William Morris - first general merchant in Perth
Thomas Dalton - businessman and friend to Daverne
Christopher Hagerman - Kingston lawyer
Richard Daverne- Daniel's younger brother - QMG in Kingston
Daniel Daverne - the accused
The Prosecution
The Defence
Instructions from the Judge
The Trial of the Century
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