Secret Underground Tunnels in Perth?
The Great Perth Historical Archaeological Expedition” is a reaction to a curious e-mail I received revealing that there might be far more to this story, along with many other documents from the period.  This documentary tries to follow the journal back from 1995 when it was found in that rubble pile, back to 1816 when Daniel Daverne made the first entry.   The story will involve attempting to discover the truth about the secret underground tunnels in Perth.  Where are they?  Where are all the entrances and exits?  Was Daniel’s Journal hidden in these tunnels? Who put them there? Why? Who moved them to the Thomas Wright building? Who built the tunnels? When? Why?  Were they used primarily used to transport Perth’s famous malt whiskey underground? Why?
Was Daniel’s Journal only one of 25 journals in the tunnel?  Where are the other journals?
Many, many mysteries to explore.
The Great Perth Historical Archaeological Expedition